Autosampler, PCR, qPCR, -80 C Storage, LC/MS, HPLC, Metal probe piercing, Protein Crystallization, Cell Culture

10% MEOH in H2O
5% NaOH in  H2O
5% Sulfuric Acid in  H2O
10% Acetic Acid in  H2O
90% Acetonitrile in  H2O
90% ETOH in  H2O
100% DMSO
Ethyl Acetate
5% Nitric Acid in  H2O
5% HCL in  H2O
50% MTBE in  H2O

90% IPOH in  H2O
50% DMSO in  H2O


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Silicone Mat

MicronPlus silicone mat is designed to replace the difficult-to-use dimpled mats.  Construction of this mat with high grade silicone material plus superior adhesive makes it a perfect candidate for variety of applications.  The self-sealing characteristic of this Silicone prevents evaporation of the contents of the wells.  Dimple-free silicone mat permits precise withdrawal and injection of liquid  and then it reseals after needle removal.  MicronPlus mat bonds to the microplate firmly and eliminates the need for a plate sealer equipment that is used for traditional dimpled mats.  Our silicone mats are available in ROLL format and in different thicknesses.

 -Easy to use; no dimples
-Adhesive-Free Target areas
-Easy Pierce for needle entry
-Superior Resealability after multiple injections
-No clogging or tearing
-No Cross Contamination
-Firm seal at -80 C to +120 C
-Available scored for easy injection
​ -Outstanding resistance to Solvents

Pattern adhesive silicone products can be custom designed to fit your applications.

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Silicone Patch

Sealing Mat Plus Silicone 10 mil, 96-well Round, colored adhesive          ​
Sealing Mat Plus Silicone 10 mil, 96-well Square, colored adhesive​
6514-384-10Sealing Mat Plus Silicone 10 mil, 384-well, colored adhesive​

Silicone Mat

Silicone Mat Roll

Pattern Adhesive Silicone Products

  •  Resealable after multiple injections
  • ​Optically clear

Silicone Patch

MicronPlus Silicone Patch is ideal for sealing individual wells or vials, or being attached to any surface to be used for withdrawal or injection of liquids.  This patch provides superior resealability after multiple injections. This product can be custom designed in different formats and sizes.

 -easy pierce for needle entry
-resealable material prevents evaporation of sample
-superior resealability after multiple injections-
No leaking
-adhesive-free target areas
-only silicone is exposed to the sample
​ -suitable for -80 C to +120 C environment
​ -chemical barrier against chemicals/solvents
Part #DescriptionSheets/PK
6135-T-R Pattern Adhesive Silicone Patch, colored adhesive, 36 patch/sheet