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Self-Sealing Multiwell Plate Roll

MicronPlus Self-Sealing Miniature Plate is a low-volume microplate with adhesive surface that can be bonded to different surfaces and can be used for multiple applications.  The adhesive surface component can be constructed from a variety of adhesives including PSA and heat-activated with different degrees of chemical and temperature resistance.  Microplates' base material, geometry and dimensions such as 96-well, 384-well, or 1536-well format can be custom designed to fit specific applications and automated systems.  These microplates are available in strip format or roll format.

-ideal for HTS in Roll format for automation
-ideal for drug discovery
-ideal for cell culture
-ideal for qPCR; clear bottom for diagnostic
-No luminescence or fluoroscence
-Ideal for Multiplexing

-Ideal for compound storage at -80 degree C

-Step-saver; Ready for bonding 
-Adheres to film, foil, silicone
​-Adheres to glass or other rigid surfaces