Pattern Adhesive Products Applications

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Innovative Sealing Solutions  for Microplates and Vials


MicronPlus products are ideal for qPCR testing; fluorescence is detectable through the surface. Test Report


Easy Piercing- When other seal films plugged up the injector, MicronPlus seal films proved to be the only solution. Test Report

No adhesive interference

with the content of the wells


MicronPlus products are ideal for PCR; no cross contamination or evaporation.

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Cold Storage

MicronPlus products perform well in -20, -40, and -80 degree Celsius.

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Automatic Sealer Unit

This unit is custom designed for MicronPlus Seal Films and Silicone Mats in roll format. This unit can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a module in a fully automated liquid handling system. For more information, visit  Automation page.